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Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to introduce your dog to the world around him or continue his education to help him be a healthy and welcome member of your family.  Group classes offer the chance to explore the opportunities that exist to have fun, compete, or just get your dog ready to venture out in public as a polite member of society.

Training Spot Mission

I take pride in providing my clients with personalized attention and professional instruction that is based on the most up-to-date science about dog training and behavior.  My goal is to help you better understand and teach your dog so he or she can be a valued, lifelong companion.

My training methods are non-force-based, progressive, and very dog friendly.  You'll love the simplicity, your dog will love the attention, and you'll both love the results.  No more struggling to get your dog's attention and cooperation.  You'll be delighted with your dog's progress and will look forward to each lesson.

Take a look at all we offer - click on the class for information and schedules.  If we don't have the class you are interested in on the schedule, you can let us know you are interested and we will let you know as soon as a class becomes available.  If you prefer daytime classes or want us to create a custom class for you and your friends, let us know!

Available Classes

Hollywood Dog™ 101

Is your dog just waiting to be discovered? Is he cuter, smarter, and more talented then all those dogs you see in the movies or in ads?

See upcoming Hollywood Dog™ 101 classes »

Hollywood Dog™ 201

This is the class for those who want to refine and teach your dogs a whole new set of skills to increase their marketability. 

See upcoming Hollywood Dog™ 201 classes »

Hollywood Cat™ 101

Cats can be stars too! Come out and learn how to teach your cat to shine! 

See upcoming Hollywood Cat™ 101 classes »

Intro to Barn Hunt

Come out and prepare to compete in the great sport of Barn Hunt! Work as a team with your dog and see how much fun your dog has when they figure out this new game! Get in some practice time with your dog - work on foundation skills and how to read your dog's indicators.

See upcoming Intro to Barn Hunt classes »

Barn Hunt - Drop-in Practice

You've completed Barn Hunt Intro and you're wondering what's next? This class is it!

See upcoming Barn Hunt - Drop-in Practice classes »

Dog Sports Sampler

Are you interested in dog sports, but just can’t decide?

Would you like to know more about activities you and your dog can get involved in?

See upcoming Dog Sports Sampler classes »

Reactive Dog™

Here’s a chance to work on your reactive dog's obedience and issues. This class will be set up to help your dog succeed while you work on your training goals. Each handler will set specific goals for their work sessions and each dog will have a training path based on these goals and individual progress made.

See upcoming Reactive Dog™ classes »

Basic Obedience & Manners

Here’s a chance to work on your dog's obedience and/or issues. Come out and join the fun - yes, fun! - as we work on your pup's skills and manners and solve those training challenges!

See upcoming Basic Obedience & Manners classes »

Intermediate Puppy Class - AKC S.T.A.R.

Here's your chance to work with your puppy to earn the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy distinction!  AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program is the AKC program designed to get puppies and their owners off to a great start. All dogs need the necessary components of the program including Socialization, Training, Activity, and a Responsible owner.

See upcoming Intermediate Puppy Class - AKC S.T.A.R. classes »

Hound Around Town™

  • See how well your dog functions in real-life situations!  Class provides a mix of class and real world instruction to teach your dog how to behave in public and take his/her skills to a whole new level.
  • The Field Trip will be at an off-site venue (dog park, public park, dog-friendly event, dog parties, dog-friendly restaurants or store, etc.).  Each month a different venue will be selected so you can continue this program as part of your life-long pet development.

                  Week One - Class to prepare for field trip
                  Week Two - Field Trip
                  Week Three - Debrief and problem-solve

See upcoming Hound Around Town™ classes »

Puppy Head Start

  • This is the most critical learning period of a dog’s life because they learn the fastest and adapt best to new experiences.
  • Class will address common puppy issues, including Housebreaking, Crate Training, Play Biting and Dominance, and Nutrition.
  • Gives puppies a firm foundation in behavior and socialization by teaching healthy socialization with other dogs and people.
  • Gives puppies a jumpstart on basic manners by introducing these important skills before they develop bad habits.

See upcoming Puppy Head Start classes »

Beginning Flyball

Flyball is a dog sport in which two teams of four dogs race against each other and the clock. The race is composed of heats in which each of these four dogs are required to jump four hurdles, trigger a box that deploys a ball, catch the ball and then retrieve the ball over the hurdles to the start line successfully and in order.

See upcoming Beginning Flyball classes »