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Reactive Dog™

Here’s a chance to work on your reactive dog's obedience and issues. This class will be set up to help your dog succeed while you work on your training goals. Each handler will set specific goals for their work sessions and each dog will have a training path based on these goals and individual progress made.

This is a 4 week class and dogs come to all classes. Once the handler and dog have attended the initial 4 week class session, they will continue on a monthly basis ($120 per 4 week session).

Class Requirements, Prerequisites, and Notes

Each dog must be privately evaluated by the instructor prior to signing up for this class. Reactive dogs may not be ready for a group class and may need private instruction to get them prepared for the class environment. Contact for details and scheduling of evaluations.

There are no classes currently scheduled.
Please contact Traci to be added to the waiting list.