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Come out and prepare to compete in the great sport of Barn Hunt!  Work as a team with your dog and see how much fun your dog has when they figure out this new game!

Get in some practice time with your dog - work on foundation skills, tunneling, and how to read your dog's indicators.  Sessions will be broken down into rat familiarization and Intro up to Master level courses. We will cover the basics and talk about the rules and how to prepare to enter trials.

Barn Hunt Practice

  • Tunnels and climbs - and what is needed for each level

  • How the start box affects your dog's time

  • What you need to know about the rules

  • How to read your dog's rat indication

  • Do's and don'ts about indicating or touching the rat tubes and communicating with the rat wrangler

You will have the opportunity to practice on courses at your current level, with commentary and assistance.

This will be a great opportunity to work out the kinks in your team's performance in the ring! 

Barn Hunt Services

Want to start up a club in your area?  Need to give a presentation to your breed or kennel club?  Want to set up practice sessions to start your exciting journey into Barn Hunt?  Did you know that AKC recognizes Barn Hunt titles?


Barn Hunt Judge #BHAJ-030  - Judging services available for your sanctioned trial or fun match

Rat Wrangler Services  - providing rats and rat tubes for trials, matches, or practice sessions

Consulting Services  - at all levels

  • Starting up a Barn Hunt club

  • Presentations to breed or all-breed clubs

  • Workshops and seminars for exhibitors

  • Demos at events or to clubs

  • Fun Match consulting/set up

  • Sanctioned trial consulting/set up

  • Trial Secretary services provided by Pam Opanowitz, using official Barn Hunt software


Check out all the details and rules on the official Barn Hunt Association, LLC page -

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